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Army of Darkness Bubba Ho-Tep Issue #2 Preview

By 12.23.18News

Check out cover previews of Army of Darkness Bubba Ho-Tep issue #2 as well as the press release from Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Scott Duvall with art by Vincenzo Federici, Issue #2 arrives March 13, 2019.

In Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep, Ash embarks on a soul-searching road trip to Texas on a hunch that Elvis Presley may still be alive and kicking (and supposedly vanquished a mummy)! What follows is a series of universe-spanning events that involve an Elvis jumpsuit with special time-travel abilities, a trip to 70’s Vegas, plus the reveal of an evil new Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon Ho-Tep.

Last we saw Ash, he was soaring chin-first through a time portal, hot on the bandage of Bubba Ho-Tep, and crash-landed in 70’s Las Vegas! The demonic mummy seeks an ancient Egyptian book of souls and will stop at nothing to possess it! Can Ash put his differences aside with a near-peak condition Elvis long enough to teach this undead thief a lesson? Find out in the Vegas-styled winner-takes-all showdown, where the loser gets his soul sucked out!

Written by Scott Duvall.
Art by Vincenzo Federici.
Colors by Michele Monte.
Letters by Taylor Esposito.
Cover A by Diego Galindo.
Cover B by Tom Mandrake.
Cover C by Robert Hack.