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Army of Darkness Comic Book Series Returns This February

By 11.15.11October 31st, 2015News

Dynamite Entertainment is gearing up for the return of the Army of Darkness comic book this coming February 2012. The series will be written by Elliot Serrana with art by Mara Mychaels. Here’s the press release:

The evil Necronomicon return in this all new series, but the book will open with a new ally. Who is Ash, and how does she relate to “the chosen one”? Will they manage to stop the Necronomicon from spreading its evil throughout the universe? In this new series Serrano will be exploring these characters and taking them to new places while staying true to the stories we’ve seen in the popular films.

“With the relaunch of the Army of Darkness series, we’re hoping to take the story of Ashley J. Williams’ struggle against the forces of the Necronomicon in interesting new directions, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the original film,” says writer Elliot Serrano. “We’re going to meet new characters, face bigger baddies and explore what it truly means to be the ‘Chosen One’ in the AOD universe…So many talented people have contributed to the AOD mythos – not only in the movies but also in comics and video games – and living up to their efforts has been a real challenge. But I’m also drawing inspiration from those creators who’ve gone before me. As a HUGE AOD fan myself, I’m trying to tell a story that I would love to read myself!”

The creative team will take the characters to the Egyptian pyramids of a parallel universe, and this will undoubtedly be great news for Army of Darkness fans. Check out the full size covers for the first issue below. What do you think about the return of the series? Do you think bringing back Necronomicon is a good way to relaunch the book?