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Army of Darkness Defense iPhone Game Hands-On Preview

By 03.02.11November 3rd, 2015News

Slide to Play has a GDC hands-on preview and video for the upcoming Army of Darkness Defense game by Backflip Studios for the iPhone.

Army of Darkness, the game, is set during the scene from the movie when Ash and co. are defending the medieval castle against a huge number of undead baddies called Deadites. You’ll control Ash, who you can equip with several different weapons, including, of course, a chainsaw and a shotgun (aka boomstick). Every enemy you massacre drops coins that you can use to summon all kinds of characters from the movie, including knights, mini-Ashes, and the dumpy Oldsmobile.

As you battle through the 50 levels included in the game, you’ll hear Ash deliver a large number of quotes from the movie. (If you haven’t seen the movie, just know that it’s packed end-to-end with memorable one-liners.

Army of Darkness iPhone