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Army of Darkness Not Part of Ash vs Evil Dead

By 08.27.16News

Bruce Campbell recently sat down with Arrow in the Head and put Army of Darkness’s connection with Ash vs Evil Dead to rest. Here’s what Bruce had to say…

I’ve been sort of putting that to bed. It was a random thing that Rob [Tapert] said, and you know how the internet is, if you see one sentence written, it’s real. I think Rob was more alluding to the fact that we’ve already taken stuff that would have been in Army of Darkness. He still time-travels before Army of Darkness. People have always asked, “Where is Army of Darkness?” Like, we don’t really need Army of Darkness. That was sort of our take on the whole thing. You’ve got to be careful referencing certain movies, because then you have to make deals with certain partners that might own those certain movies.

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