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16-Bit Evil Dead RPG Mock-Up

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London-based pixel artist Gary J Lucken has posted some amazing mock-ups of a 16-bit Evil Dead RPG on his portofolio site Army of Trolls. Too bad the game isn’t real. Maybe a game studio will see his awesome work and make the game a reality.

Army of Darkness 16-Bit

Josh Becker Now Offering his Super 8s and 2 Films on DVD

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Josh Becker has started offering his old Super 8mm films on DVD including Stryker’s War, The Blind Waiter, and Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except. This super 8mm version of Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except. features Bruce in the lead role, who was unable to make the transition to the feature as it was a non-union shoot. Holding It and The Blind Waiter also star Bruce and other Evil Dead alumni, including Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel. Josh is also offering two of his feature films, Lunatics: A Love Story and If I Had a Hammer on DVD for the very first time. Each disc goes for $20 plus 3 for shipping.

Evil Dead 2 and Sam Raimi Mentioned on the Oscars

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For anyone who didn’t catch the Oscars, Evil Dead 2 was featured for a split second during the Horror movies tribute. Sami Raimi also got a shout out from the editors of the Hurt Locker who won for best editing. They attribute their big break in the film industry to Raimi.