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Army of Darkness Omnibus Vol. 1

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According to Comic Vine, a 488 page compilation of the first 18 issues of the acclaimed series with story arcs from Ashes To Ashes to Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator is coming out this February. The first volume is available to order through Diamond Previews or through your local comic book shop.

Holiday Ash Figure Review

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Infinite Hollywood has posted a review of the rare Ash holiday figure that was made by the now defunct toy company Palisades Toys. The figure was made a few years ago as an exclusive just for friends and retailers of the toy company.

Christmas Ash

Build Your very own Evil Ash Costume

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Studio Creations has a groovy in depth tutorial on how to build your own Evil Ash costume, everything from materials to making the armour.

Alright you BoneHeads, now lissen up! This is my Boom Stick!! Well.. actually it’s my paintbrush, but that won’t keep me from cracking some skulls if you all get outta line! You wanted info about how to make your very own Evil Ash costume for Halloween and those geeky conventions that you attend throughout the year.