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Check out Ash’s Childhood Bedroom from Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2

By 08.11.16August 12th, 2016News

Arrow in the Head has an exclusive yet unusual look at Ash’s childhood bedroom, which reportedly will be featured quite a bit in season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Ash’s bedroom is a time capsule. It’s a little piece of the 70’s and 80’s nostalgia or a very focused trip down Michigan memory lane. In many ways it’s tones are similar to his trailer, it felt right that they would have a familiar feel. Historic Michigan rock posters featuring artists Ash would listen to: Alice Cooper and Iggy pop. Michigan sports memorabilia and photos of Bruce [Campbell] as a child. We figured that before the incident at the cabin, his character was a pretty normal, everyday kind of guy and we wanted to put some quite typical things in there like Faygo posters, Michigan State memorabilia and a cello which is slightly out of character now, but once upon a time who knows.

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