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December 2018 Evil Dead News Roundup

By 12.16.18News

Since Ash vs Evil Dead ended, there hasn’t been much in terms of Evil Dead related news but here are some things have happened in the month of December!

Sam Raimi Joins Dangerous Entertainment
It is with great pleasure and respect to announce that the mighty Sam Raimi has joined the Dangerous Entertainment family!

Known for creating and directing the Evil Dead / Army of Darkness and Ash Vs. Evil Dead franchise, directing Marvel’s Spider-Man trilogy, writing and directing Darkman, Drag me to hell and Disney’s Oz the great and powerful among many many others!

Welcome to the family Sam! It’s great to have you!

So Sam may be joining Bruce on convention tours?

Evil Dead Prints at 1998 Gallery
1998 Gallery has a ton of Evil Dead inspired art prints for sale including prints by recently featured at the 12th annual Crazy 4 Cult Gallery show that’s running now until December 30th in Los Angeles, California.