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Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn and Tales of the Ex-Mortis Launching This Summer

By 02.14.15News

Space Goat Productions has just announced two Evil Dead 2 Comic Book series launching this summer:

June heralds the return of the original Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi movie, Evil Dead 2. Space Goat is the official home of the comedy-horror franchise that started it all—and will be faithful to Ash and the original movie with two three-issue miniseries. Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn and the July-shipping companion anthology, Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis

Space Goat’s May-shipping books will include a two-part prequel to the Evil Dead 2 movie. Parts 1 and 2 of the prequel are written by screenwriter and Superman scribe Frank Hannah (The Cooler), illustrated by Edgar Salazar (DC’s Smallville and Constantine). The prequel leads directly into Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1.

Beyond Dead by Dawn is also written by Frank Hannah, with art by pencilers new to the US market, Barnaby Bagenda and Oscar Bazaldua. Tales of the Ex-Mortis reads more like Hellraiser with jokes and features stories from industry veterans Greg Pak, Jeff Mariotte, Justin Peniston, Georgia Ball, Ivan Cohen, and more.