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Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler

By 11.20.15News

Space Goat Productions is releasing a new Evil Dead 2 one-shot comic called Evil Dead 2 Revenge of Hitler in February 2016. Here’s the story…

Everybody’s favorite badass is back. Oh, and Hitler too. The Evil Dead 2 Universe expands with the first in a series of “REVENGE” one-shots. Adolf Hitler had the Book of the Dead tattooed onto his body so that he could live forever, except it didn’t quite work out that way. After he died in Berlin in 1945, it took someone to actually read the tattoo to reanimate him. Now he’s back in the present day, and the Hellish Powers are forced to recruit Ash to put an end to his reign of terror before history repeats with a new undead army.

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler is written by Ian Edginton with art by Oscar Bazaldua, Carlos Eduardo, and Chris Summers.

The one-shot ships with two covers. First cover by Kevin West and a variant black-and-white cover by Trevor Denham.

Interested Evil Dead fans should pre-order their copies online or at your local comic book shop. Since Space Goat is a new independent publisher, it’s not guaranteed that all comic book shops will get Space Goat comics.

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler