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Evil Dead 2 Soundtrack Vinyl Packaging Design Poll

By 03.17.16News

Waxwork Records has launched their very first packaging design poll for their upcoming Evil Dead 2 soundtrack vinyl record release. They are letting fans to vote on various packaging concepts for the album cover, inner gatefold, and back cover art of the LP jacket.

It’s no secret that Waxwork Records likes to let fans behind the curtain to see what goes on behind the scenes here in our camp. As true fans of music, cinema, and art, we think it’s crucial to let everyone have a look at how our products are created. We have taken you into our pressing plant, we have taken you into artists’ homes and studios, and now we want you to have the opportunity to help design one of our deluxe soundtrack releases on vinyl.

Waxwork Records has worked closely with illustrator Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative to illustrate various artistic concepts of our EVIL DEAD 2 soundtrack release. Justin is a true talent and a great problem solver. We think you’ll love what he came up with!

Evil Dead 2 Vinyl Cover Concepts

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