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Evil Dead (2013) Extended Scenes Aired on Channel 4 UK

By 01.27.15News

IMDB users reported that Channel 4 in the UK recently aired Evil Dead (2013) with 4 minutes and ten seconds worth of extended footage that was cut from the theatrical release. Here is a full list of scenes:

1. Extra scene near the well after Mia has disposed of her drugs down it when she walks away talking about what’s gonna happen to her during her withdrawl etc.

2. Extra scene when first in the cabin with her brother looking around. He sees a window open and a cat jumps out, screaches and jumps out the window.

3. There is an extra scene in the kitchen when the girls hand is possessed. She is sittng on the kitchen floor looking at Mia who is peering from the cellar and says ‘give me back my hand’ whilst Mia is singing ‘we’re gonna get you not another peep’.

4.The tongue cutting scene with the Stanley knife is longer and more drawn out on all thre close ups.

5. There is an extra scene in the cabin as her brother and his girlfriend are sitting against the wall, the other guy comes in and puts a jug of water down on the floor then drinks it all and says thanks for helping him!

6. After her brother say to the other guy outside by the car after they have been attacked by Mia in the cellar that he knows what he has to do, there is a scene of him putting a blanket over one of the girl victims, pours petrol on it and sets her alight, then in the cabin, he chains down the other girl victim and chainsaws her up, blood gushing everywhere and on the light too.

7. After her brother shoots the petrol can blowing up the cabin, we then go back into the cabin which is all alight with the male zombie crawling towards her brother on fire shouting ‘join us’. The camera glides to the door where here brother is on fire and his eyes change.

8. Deleted end credit scene. Mia, walking along a deserted road collapses and a pick up truck stops and a man gets out to help (NOT Bruce Campbell), and she asks for help. Then driving her to a hospital saying she is going to be ok, Mia wakes up with her eyes wide open but not possessed.

Check out the thread for more details and clips.