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Featured Video: Army of Darkness – WTF Happened To This Horror Movie?

By 07.06.21July 9th, 2021News

JoBlo recently released a great video taking a look back at Army of Darkness and WTF happened to this movie with lots of interesting facts about the production that you may not know about.

Today, Sam Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS is known as one of the horror genre’s most beloved cult classics, but the film – which was a box office disappointment when it was released in 1993 – didn’t have a smooth journey from script to screen, as evident from the fact that four different cuts are floating around out there, with the director’s cut being 15 minutes longer than the U.S. theatrical cut. From problems with the studio and the ratings board to some budgetary issues, ARMY OF DARKNESS had to overcome several hurdles to reach its adoring audience – so let’s look back and ask What the F*ck Happened to This Horror Movie?