Evil Dead References: TV Shows


Ash appears in an episode of the 3-d cartoon Reboot called “To Mend and Defend. Ash makes an appearance during a scene where the characters enter a game cube where the world strikingly resembles the forest and cabin from Dead By Dawn. Everything from the broken bridge, The Necronomicon, to everything in the cabin are present. Ash is also there with his chainsaw with uncanny resembalance to Jay Leno.

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One of the writers/actors, Simon Pegg, is a huge Sam Raimi fan, as well as the dircetor, Edgar Wright. In several episodes of the first series, homage is paid to Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness (there’s even one to The Quick and the Dead…).

Episode 1 – Aerial shot straight out of Evil Dead 2…later in episode short homage to Quick and the Dead.

Episode 3 – As main character “Tim” (the awesome Simon Pegg) jumps up we see behind him on the wall promotional poster for Evil Dead 2…later in episode, Tim utters line “Come get some”.

Episode 4 – Spooky faces appear over other main character Daisy’s shoulder…similar to subliminal demon faces…originally from Exorcist and borrowed by Mr. Raimi in Evil Dead…later Tim utters “Groovy”, from ED2.

There are more references seen throughout both series one and two. Check out their site.

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Megas XLR

Bruce does a guest voice for a weird alien guy whose whole body consisted of a huge head with little arms and legs attached. Halfway though the show the character puts on shades and says “groovy”.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

On an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force called “Universal Re-Monster” the boss alien on the other end of the “Fargate” makes a brief reference to Khandarian demons as a result of watching too many horror movies.


Nitz and Gimpy are in the college trivia championship finals when they start argueing over there friendship, when nitz says “your ass is grass” and Gimpy replies “let’s go she-bitch!” and they start fighting.


They were doing a musical in a video store, the type of thing where they would sing and give references to movies and the characters on the boxes would come to life. About half way through Yakko crashes the top gun jet and Wakko and Dot shout, “Yakko!” of course. And behind them are two copies of Evil dead.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

There is an episode of “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” on Cartoon Network in which Billy gets hold of a “magic book” he then turns into a Deadite-type character as he tries to resurrect the Lovecraftian god Yog-Sogoth(Is that some type of Yogurt or something). Then, a (this is where it gets more obvious) superhero who’s really buff and has a chainsaw for a hand runs into the house and tries to save them.