Evil Dead References: Video Games

Duke Nukem 3D

The character Duke Nukem has several direct one-liners from Army of Darkness, such as “Hail to the king, baby!”, and is also reportedly inspired (at least partially) by the character of Ash. Campbell did not entirely approve according to interviews on the subject.


In the spiderman movie game for there is a poster in peter`s room that resembles Ash runing from a vortex and a demon.


In the 3D First Person Shooter Computer Game, “Blood”, you come out of a grave at the beginning of the game, saying “I live again” just like Evil Ash in Army of Darkness. Also, one of the enemies is a lopped off hand that walks around, which yells out “I’ll swallow your soul!”. Plus, one of the episodes in the game is called “A Farewell to Arms”. As well, one of the weapons is a sawed off double barreled shotgun, and there are levels that take place in the woods, in, out,and around cabins in said woods as well.

Warcraft III

In the PC real time strategy game Warcraft 3 there are Dwarven Riflemen on the human side. When clicked on repeatedly, units will start giving you humorous responses and when Riflemen are repeatedly selected, they will sometimes yell “This….is….my…BOOMSTICK!!!”

Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror

During this game you meet up with a film director on Zombie Island who is shooting a re-make of Treasure Island. When the camera on the stand with wheels is stuck on the beach, George Stobbart (your character) asks the director to use the portable camera. The director is hesitant but George pursuades him, then the director goes into a speech about free-handed filming and says “Even Sam Raimi placed a camera on a wooden plank!”


There are plenty of Evil Dead references in the game Splatterhouse. The severed hands (1) in the games, the severed hands in the 1st Splatterhouse give the middle finger (2), laughing deer head in the SD version (3), and the evil hands that pop out of the corpse in Splatterhouse 3 (4).

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

The first section of the game takes place in the main character’s home colony. When there, you can talk to the other colonists. There is one guy (with a broom), and if you heckle him he says “See this? This is my Broomstick!”.