Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness is the third and final installment (or is it?) of the Evil Trilogy. This film was made with a budget of $11 million, allowing Sam Raimi use larger-scale sets and more elaborate special effects. Army of Darkness takes place where Evil Dead 1 & 2 left off. Ash gets transported to the year 1300 AD and lands in the realm of King Arthur.

Ash is captured by Arthur’s men and sent to the pit, which he manages to escape after fighting two pit deadites. After getting out, Ash doesn’t take crap from anyone since all the trauma he had to go through in the first two films. All he wants to do is get home and so doesn’t care much for the primitive screwheads. He frees Henry the Red who becomes an important ally later on. The inhabitants believe Ash is the prophesied hero from the sky and give him the king treatment. Ash learns from the wiseman that in order to get home he must retrieve the Necronomicon from the cementary in the haunted forest, which requires reciting the words “Clatto Verata Nicto”.

Entering the forest Ash is chased by unseen evil forces and takes refuge in an abandoned windmill. At the windmill Ash encounters little Ashes created from pieces of broken glass from a mirror that Ash runs into. The little Ashes tie him down Gullivar’s Travel style. Before Ash manages to break free, one of the little Ashes swan dives into his throat. Ash manages to kill the little Ashes including the one in his throat by drinking hot water. Little does he know something already started growing inside him as evident by the eyeball growing on shoulder. Ash breaks out of the windmill and splits into two creating Evil Ash who he buries in a shallow grave.

Ash rides off and arrives at the location of the Necronomicon at the cemetary. He finds three books and through trial and error he finds the right one. Unfortunately he blunders and recites the incantation incorrectly and unleashes the army of darkness from the cemetary. With nowhere to go he rushes back to Arthur’s castle and demands the Wiseman send him back to his time for recovering the book. After Ash returns, Sheila gets captured by a flying deadite. Ash spills the beans on fumbling the incantations and becomes deterimine to lead the castle against the army of the dead.

Meanwhile the Army of Darkness gather at the cemetery and march towards the castle. Back at the castle everyone prepares for battle. Ash has the blacksmith build him the death coaster from Ash’s Delta 88. Soon the Army of the Darkness arrives and lays siege on the castle. Just when hope was all lost, Henry the Red brings his army to back up Ash at the castle. They are able to fend off the army of the dead. and Ash has a final battle with Evil Ash and easily defeats him before he can get his hand on the Necronomicon.

After the battle, the Wise man agrees to send Ash back to his time and he rides off into the sunset. Ash returns to his job at S-Mart where he tells a skeptical S-Mart clerk (Ted Raimi) about his adventure. Moments later Ash meets a beautiful woman while stocking an aisle. Just as he’s flirting with her, a deadite that followed him back appears. Ash easily deals with the she-bitch with his Remington double barrel sawed off shotgun.