La-La Land Records, TriStar Pictures, and Ghost House Pictures present the original motion picture score to the 2013 feature film Evil Dead, starring Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas and Shiloh Fernandez, and directed by Fede Alvarez. Composer Roque Banos (The Machinist) creates a heart-stopping thrill ride of a horror score that launches this all-new, acclaimed re-imagining of the original Evil Dead into the Horror Hall of Fame beside its legendary predecessor. It’s the most sensational horror movie score in years. This CD release contains more than 25 additional minutes of music not present on the digital download version!

Evil Dead (2013) Official Soudtrack (Front)

Evil Dead (2013) Official Soundtrack (Back)

Evil Dead (2013) Original Movie Soundtrack – CD

01. I’ll Rip Your Soul Out (4:50)
02. Sad Memories (5:21)
03. Don’t Say It, Don’t Write It, Don’t Hear It (4:42)
04. Demon Possession (Extended) (4:21)
05. Get Me Out Of Here (5:24)
06. She Tried To Kill Me (2:31)
07. He Won’t Let You Out (2:45)
08. Bloody Kiss (2:23)
09. Three Ways Of Saving Her Soul (4:02)
10. Natalie Hunting (5:34)
11. I’ll Do What I Gotta Do (Extended) (8:42)
12. Come Back To Me (3:02)
13. He’s Coming (3:21)
14. Abominations Rising (6:58)
15. The Pendant / Evil Tango (3:21)
16. The Evil Dead Main Theme (1:41)
17. Come Back To Me (Alternate) (2:01)