Evil Dead Rise is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead franchise, written and directed by Lee Cronin. Filming took place in New Zealand from June to October 2021. Although it was initially intended to premiere on HBO Max, “Evil Dead Rise” was released theatrically after positive test screenings. It had its world premiere at South by Southwest in March 2023 and hit theaters in the United States on April 21, 2023, by Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie received favorable reviews and grossed over $147 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in the series.

Evil Dead Rise follows Beth, a guitar tech and roadie, who visits her sister Ellie’s California apartment to seek advice about her unplanned pregnancy. The sisters are estranged due to a turbulent childhood, Beth’s constant travel, and her refusal to be close to Ellie, a tattoo artist dealing with her own issues after her husband abandoned her and their children. Ellie sends her kids out for pizza to discuss things with Beth, but an earthquake shakes the building, revealing an old bank vault below. Danny, the oldest son, explores the vault, finding a mysterious book and a set of records. When he accidentally spills blood on the book, it awakens a demonic force that takes over Ellie.

Ellie becomes the first victim of the possession. She’s attacked by possessed elevator cables and plummets to the basement, then returns to the apartment in a violent rage before collapsing. When Ellie reanimates, she attacks her family with terrifying strength. Beth locks Ellie out, but Ellie wreaks havoc on the building, killing neighbors and attempting to manipulate her youngest daughter Kassie to let her back in. Ellie eventually re-enters through the air vents, attacking her own children and causing Bridget, her middle daughter, to be possessed. Bridget and Ellie launch a brutal assault on Beth and Danny. Despite their efforts, Ellie kills Bridget and Danny, turning them into deadites as well. In a climactic showdown, Ellie, now part of a scorpion-like amalgamation known as The Marauder, attacks Beth and Kassie in the complex’s parking garage. Beth and Kassie ultimately defeat The Marauder by pushing it into a woodchipper, ending the terror and escaping to safety.

The film’s bookend scenes show a woman named Jessica preparing for a lakeside vacation. After Beth and Kassie defeat The Marauder, the evil force finds Jessica in the parking garage and possesses her. She then kills her friends at the lake, leaving one survivor, Teresa, who watches in horror as a possessed Jessica hovers menacingly over the water.