Thursday, Nov. 15th, 1979 —

So, yesterday was our first day of filming. We were out at this fairly large, creaky old bridge filming the car driving across and boards dropping out from beneath.

My job was slating and setting up the fake beams beneath the bridge (which was done by threading fishline through the beam, then running the line across the bridge at a height so that when the car drove past it would break the line. At the same time Rob and I were also tossing real logs off).

Things went quite well, if slow. My first job of the day was attracting the attention of some bulls that were attacking Tim and Sam as they shot the long shot from a field across the street. I just sang some songs and the whole herd moved to the other end of the field.


Today’s shooting was chock full of exciting things. The very first event of the day after we left in three vehicles for the location is that the van got lost and we spent a half hour trying to locate it.

Our location at Clinch Mt. was very panoramic and we did some follow shots of the subject car that should look terrific. We then got to this dirt road beneath a highway overpass and within the first hour of setting up Sam drove his car into a ditch and we had to get a tow truck to get it out.

About two hours later Rob and I set out to find Don Campbell, who had gone out to scout a location, and found him standing high atop a wooded cliff. We called to him, then he disappeared only to reappear moments later sliding off the cliff. Don made one last try at grabbing a tree, missed and went sailing down about twenty feet.

I dashed up the hill to where he had landed and called to him, but he didn’t respond. I lost my footing and tumbled back. On the next try I clawed my way up and found Don sitting in a daze. I asked if he thought anything was broken and it wasn’t.

We’ve now taken him to the hospital for some tests.

Friday, Nov. 16th, 1979 —

Today’s shoot was rather boring. All of the shots were of sequences taking place in the car. Rob was busy today so I kept the log. That entailed waiting for the car to get back, then coercing the information out of Sam and Tim. It wasn’t particularly taxing.

Things are running well. The cast does what they’re told, the only bitching coming from Theresa, but no one ever listens. Sam is funny and has been giving some first-rate direction, Bruce is funny and keeps Ellen particularly always laughing, Rob is dealing with the problems and not giving anyone grief, while always wanting the best for the production, Dart and Goody are digging fixing up the house, Don is a psycho, and I do what needs to be done — as does Tim and John.

I’ve been going to sleep directly after dinner and finding that I’m just getting enough sleep. I’m in bed now.