Writing credits
Sam Raimi

Produced by
Bruce Campbell

Executive Producers
Sam Raimi
Robert G. Tapert

Cinematography by
Tim Philo

Special Effects by
Tom Sullivan




Cinematographic Process:
Super 8 film negative format (mm/video inches)

Printed film format

Aspect Ratio:
1.37 : 1


32 minutes

The Tapert Family Farmhouse in Marshall, Michigan

Interesting Facts

Within the Woods was filmed over a long weekend in 1979 at the Tapert family farm house. The same farm house was later used in the filming of the cellar scenes in The Evil Dead.

The hand-cutting scene was not pre-rehearsed. Ellen was supposed to cut off the entire appendage, but the knife wasn’t sharp enough and didn’t slice all the way through. Instead of ruining the take, Bruce improvised by gnawing the rest of it off. Sam liked it so much, that he decided to use it in the first Evil Dead. Many other scenes from Within the Woods would be explored in greater detail throughout the Evil Dead trilogy.

Within the Woods successfully gained support for the first Evil Dead film, originally titled Book of the Dead. Raimi and his crew were able raise about $90,000 and then it was off to Tennessee where a cult classic was born.