An Ash Vs Evil Dead Drinking Game


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Feb 9, 2018
So i've always been a longtime fan of the evil dead and i don't know how i managed to stay in the dark about Ash vs Evil dead for so long but that show is amazing. It's everything i wanted it to be. Lately i've been writing for a drinking game website so I decided to slip in an Ash Vs Evil Dead drinking game since that show really seems like the perfect candidate for a drinking game. If anyone cares to check it out it's here.

Basically you just drink for all the horror movie / b-movie tropes in the series. Which there are plenty within the first two seasons.
Let me know what you guys think! Anything you'd add/remove? I can always edit the game a bit and see what fits better.


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Mar 31, 2013
This is fun!! Good work!
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