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Aug 29, 2007
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Okay, first, I need to admit that I'm not a fan of people telling their dreams, and I'm currently violating my own 'rules'! But I just had a dream last night, and even if it will never happen, I think it could be nice to share here. I'm a big fan of Doctor Strange, and I collect almost any comics with him since the first movie came out. I also finished the TV Series Loki this week, so that might have added some fuel to that particular dream. That scenario is completely originating from the dream, because I never ever thought of any crossover of that kind before. Here is the dream:

Scene 1: I was watching Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness directed by Sam Raimi (very good by the way, well, my version of it!) and even if it seems implausible (based on the Loki series), Loki was in the Sanctum Sanctorum, talking with Doctor Strange about a way to fix things. While Strange is exposing is plan, Loki begins to looks at multiple books of sorcery and grimoires, like the Book of the Vishanti, the Darkhold (or the Book of Sins), the Book of Cagliostro... Then, we switch back to Strange, still talking to others and we hear Loki saying: "I bet we can do nasty things with that one!" Strange pauses, looks at him, and say: "Don't ever touch that book, even you could not handle its power!". We then switch back to Loki, which looks at the Necronomicon ex Mortis (I don't recall what design it was).

Scene 2: At the very end of the movie, after (or during the credits), the second scene came up: Loki is alone in the Sanctum Sanctorum, and like a child, he just cannot resist the need to take the Necronomicon, and opens it at a random page. He reads briefly silently, then he reads the words: "Kanda, Estrata, Agamemnon...". A portal opens, and Loki is sucked in it right away. He falls in a post-apocalyptic world (certainly another alternate universe), and then we see Ash (Bruce Campbell) blasting a Deadite with is boomstick. Ash then turns to look at Loki, still on the ground, and Ash say: "Now, who the hell are you?!". Fade to black.

Now, because I just dreamed it, I see myself wishing for something to happens!!! Hahaha! Thinking of it, it could start a Marvel Zombies spinoff series...

Is any of you came with an idea Raimi could reference the Evil Dead trilogy/series in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse?
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Jan 15, 2017
Is any of you came with an idea Raimi could reference the Evil Dead trilogy/series in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse?

Since the film deals with a multiverse, it'd be pretty easy to slip in a quick Evil Dead reference, I think. I can envision Strange standing in a veritable whirlwind of alternate dimensions, all whipping past him at frightening speed. Sometimes you can make out certain images. Maybe one of them is of a blue shirted man in the process of chopping off his own hand with a chainsaw. It's just a glimpse, blink and you'll miss it moment, but it's enough to officially make Evil Dead 2 the first movie in the MCU.
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