Stalker Thread: Where Do You Live?


S-Mart Clerk
Oct 17, 2013
So wheres everybody live?
I suppose I'll start it off:
Minnesota, USA

(Dont have to post yer where abouts if ya dont want to.)


Loud Mouth Braggart
Jan 13, 2013
*Shuts all windows and locks all doors*
- Stalker Defense Preparation started!

Germany  :eyeroll


Hero from the Sky
Staff member
Jan 20, 2008
Some views I had from my living room window and the town where I still work and play:

I'm originaly from Birmingham, UK.. now I'm a beach bum  :bigsmile

...... just ask around for the bloke who never shuts up about The Evil Dead ..

Fun facts about Cromer:
... there is a legend of Black Schuck, a phantom giant black dog that chases anyone unfortunate enough to meet it on this coastline. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stayed at Cromer Hall, he heard the story and wrote Hound of the Baskervilles).
... John 'that chestburster guy from Alien' Hurt lives here .. I've chatted to him a few times. He's dead nice. :cool
... When UK TV comedian Stephen Fry re-opened Cromer Pier a few years back, he cracked this joke in front of about 5,000 Norfolk locals: What's the definition of a Norfolk virgin? .. a girl who can run faster than her brother ... and didn't get lynched! .  :bigsmile ... they love him 
... We have a famous lifeboat station and a surf school though, to be honest, you'd get bigger waves farting in the bath so the locals laugh about them
... We get quite a lot of camera crews here. The last decent film made was the comedy Alpha Papa ... it's bloody brilliant!:


S-Mart Clerk
Oct 17, 2013
Interesting but true...
I think were gunna get along just fine mr. Swofty.....just fine.
Im quite infatuated with with crazy uk horror lore. Either you guys have great story tellers or insane demonic spiritual activity....or both.
But hey this threads fer locations n getting to know each and weve accomplished both so im guna make you a thread so me n you can gab about ghostly stuffs n such wont'chu join me me sir?
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