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Hail to The King, Baby. A Bruce Campbell Themed Art Show

By 03.05.14News

Deathpop Art is curating a Bruce Campbell themed Art show at the Agit Gallery in Los Angeles, California on March 29th

That’s right, you primitive screwheads, this is the definitive Bruce Campbell themed art show in the world. The Agit Gallery will change its name to the S Mart and host all things of Bruce Campbell worship. While the ART will be on focus we will also have a costume contest (with a special prize for the best NON- Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell costume. I’m personally hoping for someone to do the plastic surgeon from Escape from LA), special events, and of course the awesome meet and greet with the artists themselves. If only we could get Shemp’s Olde Tyme Whiskey to sponsor.

Hail to The King, Baby. An Art Tribute To Bruce Campbell