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Help Ash vs Evil Dead Get Renewed for Season 4!

By 10.10.17News

Hail Deadites! The fate of Ash vs Evil Dead after season 3 is uncertain. We need your help to get the series renewed for a 4th season and possible 5th. Sign the petition!

We need your help get Ash vs Evil Dead renewed for Season 4.

Before the original premiere of the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, us, primitive screw heads, had been waiting for the return of Bruce Campbell’s ‘Groovy’ Ash J. Williams for some 20 odd years. And now that it’s here, It is everything we could have hoped for and more! Thank STARZ! However, that being said, STARZ recently changed the AvED premiere date of its new season from its usual October time-slot to that of February 2018 while also keeping rather quiet on all things AvED – making us fans a little nervous, y’see. So, this petition is to show STARZ that there is still a HUGE fan base supporting STARZ and AvED’s broadcasting. All we want is to see STARZ, Bruce, Sam and Rob wrap up the iconic Evil Dead franchise, well, iconically! And the way to do that is with 2 more seasons!

Sign the petition!