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New Look at Evil Dead Rise

By 12.14.22January 7th, 2023News

Total Film has shared an exclusive new look at Evil Dead Rise including a new photo of a woman rising out of the water and an interview with Lee Cronin. Check it out here!

Here is a higher res photo of the woman rising out of the water:

Evil Dead Rise woman rising out of the water

In the interview Lee Cronin says there’s no cabin in the woods but does include the infamous Book of the Dead and claustrophobic environment:

“There’s no Ash in this story and there’s no cabin in the woods, and they’re two iconic elements of what Evil Dead is.”

“But the movie does include the book and an extraordinary amount of vicious, malevolent Deadites, so I was always pretty comfortable making that move [to LA].

“It still needed to maintain some of the claustrophobia,” he continues, “and that translated really well from the cabin into an urban environment. This is about a family in a rundown building stuck in their apartment, so it follows the same rhythm but puts it in a more contemporary space.”


Empire Magazine has posted a new exclusive photo from Evil Dead Rise: