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Remastered Bruce Campbell Books and Dead Leaves Pre-orders

By 09.13.15October 31st, 2015News

New digital revised versions of Bruce Campbell’s books If Chins Could Kill and Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way are available to pre-order for Kindle and other ebook readers. The digital versions of Bruce’s books are revised with full color photos and will be available October 1st.

Bruce Campbell Books

Dead Leaves, the latest title from author Andrew David Barker, is now available for pre-order prior to its mid-October release. Chronicling three friends’ troubled journey to obtain a VHS copy of The Evil Dead in the height of the video nasty hysteria, the book perfectly captures the magic of the video horror era and the controversy that surrounded it.

Dead Leaves is available to pre-order at £6.99 plus postage (see website for further details on UK and international postage). Pre-order copies will all be signed by the author and posted immediately upon release.

Dead Leaves