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Fede Alvarez

Evil Dead 2 Still Happening With Fede Alvarez Attached?

By News

Apparently Rodo Sayagues’s interview with Gorosito was lost in translation and Evil Dead 2 is still happening with Fede Alvarez on board but currently Army of Darkness 2 is the priority. Evan Dickson from Bloody Disgusting got in touch with Fede Alvarez and here’s what he had to say:

I just got in touch with Alvarez and he confirms that, “stuff got lost in translation” with Sayagues in the Gorosito interview published earlier today. He elaborated, “Rodo meant we’re not actually making ‘Evil Dead 2′ right now because the priority is Sam’s ‘Army of Darkness 2.’ But the plan of making a sequel to our ‘Evil Dead’ is very much alive.”

So basically don’t believe everything you read on the Internet folks!