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Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion

By 11.29.11News

Danny Hicks a.k.a. Jake from Evil Dead II and “Tim-O” O’Saben emailed us to let us know that the have a new music CD out called: “The Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion, Slightly Concussed”. Here’s some background:

The Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion is the “brain child” of musician/actor/producer/horror personality Tim “Tim-O” O’Saben. After a liquor soaked night of swapping industry stories with close friend and veteran actor Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2, Darkman), the idea came to write and produce a CD poking good-natured fun at Danny’s career and his film industry friends, namely Sam Raimi and Bruce Ca…mpbell. After enlisting the help of musician/producer “Sir”Ian Baird, the Brain Invasion was officially born.

The last two tracks are bonus Tim-O tracks. “Who Goes There?” is based on John W. Campbell’s novella which is the source material for both of “The Thing” films. “The Hiding Game” is based on “The Dark Night Of The Scarecrow” and is dedicated to writer/producer (&friend) J.D. Feigelson.

If interested, you can check out “The Tim-O and Harley Show” horror themed podcast at

Buy the CD now on Amazon or iTunes