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NECA Evil Dead II Series 2 Figures Shipping End of July

By 07.17.12News

NECA just announced they will be shipping series 2 of their Evil Dead II figures later this month. Included in series 2 are Hero Ash and Henrietta:

Boomstick Included
Hot on the heels of our most groovy Evil Dead 2 Series 1 action figures, we’re thrilled today to renew our membership in the Cult of Campbell with the brand new Evil Dead 2 Series 2! Shipping later this month (July, in case you needed to know), the latest installment in what is hopefully a minimum 57-series line features an all-new Hero Ash and our first-ever Deadite figure, Henrietta!

NECA Evil Dead 2 Hero Ash
NECA Evil Henrietta
NECA Evil Henrietta

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