ash vs evil dead

  1. B

    Bruce Campbell’s Retirements Makes No Sense

    In this interview for season 2. Bruce enjoys blood, and can’t live without playing Ash. More Interviews casting even more doubts on his retirement.
  2. B

    My Thoughts Why Evil Dead Was Cancelled?

    This is from my review I had written for IMDB. Ash vs The Evil Dead is the greatest show on television. The show has drama, action, and witty humor. It is personally my favorite TV Series of All Time. The show was cancelled because of piracy. Which led to low ratings because not everyone can...
  3. SketchyGamer

    When did Ash go to the cabin according to AvED?

    Ok so I was thinking about this, and noticed something. In Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 1 e1, Ash states that it is the 30th anniversary since he lost his hand (trip to the cabin in ed1&2). And season 1 came out in 2015, but the Evil Dead came out in 1981, and Evil Dead 2 was just a continuation of...
  4. E

    An Ash Vs Evil Dead Drinking Game

    So i've always been a longtime fan of the evil dead and i don't know how i managed to stay in the dark about Ash vs Evil dead for so long but that show is amazing. It's everything i wanted it to be. Lately i've been writing for a drinking game website so I decided to slip in an Ash Vs Evil Dead...
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