Evil Dead fans have been eagerly awaiting Evil Dead 4 for years but instead fans received a remake of the original Evil Dead. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell had been planning the remake for years but the idea fizzled out in 2009 due to negative fan reactions. Later in 2011 Bruce Campbell announced during a AMA interview on Reddit that they were moving ahead with the remake.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead) The film opens with a wounded girl wandering through the forest being pursued by rednecks. She is captured and knocked unconcious. The girl awakens in underground cellar chained to a pole surrounded by a family of rednecks. Turns out she is the daughter of a man named Harold who wants to rid her of the evil. Harold proceeds to set her on fire and kills her with a shotgun.

Five childhood friends, David, Natalie, Olivia, Eric, and Mia meet up at a remote cabin in the woods. They all have come to the cabin to help their friend Mia, a recovering heroin addict kick her habit cold turkey. The cabin is revealed to belong to David and Mia’s parents who have not visited the cabin in quite a long time. Mia disposes of her drugs in the nearby well in witness of her friends.

Mia’s withdrawl soon manifests as paranoia. She becomes quite sensitive and agitated and complains about a foul smell in the cellar underneath her room. David’s dog Grandpa starts scratching the rug in the leaving room revealing a hidden trap door leaing down the cellar below. Upon investigating they find a room litter with the corpses of hanging cats. Eric finds a package wrapped in barbed wire sitting on a desk next to a shotgun. They bring every upstairs to investigate further.

The next day Mia continues her withdrawl. She decides to head outside the cabin in the rain where she begins hearing and seeing things in the woods. While inside Eric opens the package to find a book made of human flesh, the Naturon Demonto a.k.a The Necronomicon or Book of the Dead. Footnotes scrawled into the book warn “DON’T SAY IT. DON’T WRITE IT. DON’T HEAR IT.” Eric finds scratched out text that he manages to recover with a pencil paper revealing, “Kunda. Astratta. Montosse. Canda.”, which he reads out load unleashing the evil in the woods. The evil force rushes towards Mia and attacks her while she sees a woman in the woods beckoning her. Mia rushes inside the cabin urging David that she has to leave but David refuses to take her away from the cabin. Feeling betrayed, Mia breaks the necklace he gave her and takes the car keys and leaves through her bedroom. She steals the car and drives off into the woods. The woman from before appears in front of her causing her to drive into a pond. Mia is able to escape the car and flees into the forest. The evil force gives chase causing Mia to trip and trapped by vines. The woman appears and turns out to be an demon possessed version of Mia. Evil Mia pukes out a black worm-like vine that slithers its way up Mia’s dress and enters her body. Later David and Olivia find Mia cowering near a large tree.

Back at the Cabin, Mia begs David to take her into town, but he assures her that what she saw in the forest were just delusions and that she’ll be ok in a few days. David decides to clean out of the basement of the cat corpses. While cleaning, he finds a trail of blood leading to a hole underneath the work shed. There he finds the body of Grandpa with a bloody hammer nearby. David concludes that Mia did it and goes to confront her. He finds Mia locked in the bathroom and demands that she let him in. While calling for Mia, she turns on the hot water on full blast. David manages to break down the door to find Mia collapsed in the shower with blisters all over. He puts her in the car to rush to the hospital only to find the road to town flooded by the river.

Later that night, David and the others argue over Mia’s worsening condition. Oliva sedates her and lets her rest. Eric criticizes David for his optimism that Mia will get better, right before Mia staggers into the living holding the shotgun to her side. She fires at David but only manages to graze him on his arm. The evil force bursts into the cabin at a screaming Mia. Mia warns, “one by one, we will take them.” Then she says “They are all going to die tonight!” before falling to the floor. Olivia goes for the shotgun but Mia grabs her arm then strattles her, vomitting blood all over her face, but Olivia manages to push her into the cellar. Olivia proceeds to the bathroom get sedatives for Mia but becomes possessed by the evil. Eric goes looking for her only to find Oliva in the dark corner of the bathroom carving parts of her face off with a broken mirror. She stabs him in the chest then proceeds to stab his face with a syringe. Eric finds a piece of the sink and goes to town bashing her in the head until she stops moving.

David takes Eric to the shed to treat his wounds while Natalie runs to the bathroom to fetch some water. Mia’s confused and scared voice calls from the trapdoor. Natalie decides to go into the cellar to investigate only to get knocked out. She awakens at the bottom of the stairs with Mia hovering above her sniffing her like an animal. Natalie tries to fend her off with a box cutter but Mia bites her hand forcing her to drop it. Mia grabs the box cutter and slice her tounge in half and makes out with Natalie. David arrives and Natalie somehow fends off Mia and rushes up the stairs. David chain locks the trapdoor.

David and Eric meet up in the bedroom with the book. Eric guesses he somehow unwittingly unleashed the evil from book when he recited the incantations. While perusing the book, Eric concludes that Mia’s soul has been taken over by the evil force. Within the book there are three ways to release a possessed soul, live burlal, bodily dismemberment, or purification by fire. In the kitchen Natalie cleans her wounded hand but soon discovers it quickly becoming infected and spreads up her arm. She tries to fight off the infection but has no choice to but to cut it off with an electric knife appliance. A fuse blows right when the knife starts cutting bone. David and Eric rush in to help her, only to find that she completely cut through her arm.

While Natalie rests from her wounds, Eric continues on about how five souls are needed for the abomination spoken of in the book to manifest in a rain of blood and if they don’t kill Mia, they will all die. Natalie enters the room, possessed, holding a nail gun which she uses on her own face before going after Eric and David with a crowbar. David manages to blow of her other arm which releases her from her possession, but she dies in David’s arms.

David leads Eric outside then heads back inside with the intention of burning down the cabin to kill Mia and stop the evil. Before David can set the cabin on fire, Mia’s voice echoes from the cellar, singing a lullaby that their mother used to sing to them. This changes David’s mind and he decides to sedate Mia and perform a live burial instead. David heads down to the cellar with a syringe, but is attacked and almost drowned by Mia. Out of nowhere Eric jumps in and knocks her out. Eric dies shortly after from his extensive wounds. David leaves Eric in the basement and continues outside to bury Mia.

After David confirms Mia is dead, he digs her up and attempts to bring her back to life with a makeshift defibrillator using a car battery. It doesn’t seem to work. David starts heading back to the cabin where he hears Mia’s voice and turns to find her alive and back to her old self. Relieved, David goes back to the cabin to retrieve car keys, but is stabbed in the back by a now possessed Eric. David locks himself inside the cabin and uses the shotgun to blow a gasoline tank setting the entire cabin on fire. While Mia grieves the death of her brother she finds the necklace he gave her in the dirt. It begins to rain blood and the abomination rises from the ground implying that David had been possessed right before the cabin started burned the cabin. The abomination chases Mia into the work shed where she finds a chainsaw and canister of gas. Hiding under the Jeep, Mia starts cutting at the abomination’s legs before the Jeep overturns on her left hand. Mia is forced to rip her arm from her hand to get to the chainsaw. Just as the abomination inches towards her, she shoves the chainsaw into its face, cutting it in half. The rain stops. Dawn arrives. Mia, now hardened by the night’s events, wanders off into the forest.